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October 2018

Module Monday is a weekly collection of ready-to-use, open-source mods.

Clone them on Anymod, or copy the code. Use them anywhere you want!

Module Monday #16

Ring navigation

Expanding circular links: edit content, color, and quantity.

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Every image flips when you hover. Each image has a link.

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Live weather by city

Add your city and an OpenWeatherMap key, and it just works.

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Gif card

Add a gif in a classic card layout with link.

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GitHub button

Configure with star, watch, fork, or follow. Links to your account or repo.

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Module Monday #15

Scroll Magic B

Sections that pan and zoom as you scroll.

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Animated Content Tiles

Add basic info with a click to learn more.

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Contact section

Simple, responsive section for your contact info.

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Team Diamonds

Diamond layout to showcase your team.

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Instagram Post

Embed your Insta posts anywhere you want.

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If you want to contribute mods or ideas so that other developers can benefit, you can request mods or submit a mod.

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