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September 2018

Module Monday is a weekly collection of ready-to-use, open-source mods.

Clone them on Anymod, or copy the code. Use them anywhere you want!

Module Monday #14

A beautiful, responsive image gallery with 5 panels.

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Code displayer (HTML/CSS/JS)

Present clear, formatted lines of code anywhere on your site.

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Vimeo embed

Add a full-screen Vimeo video wherever you want.

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Elegant form

Ready-to-use contact form that works anywhere.

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Content tabs

Add and organize your content with customizable tabs.

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Module Monday #13

Team Page B

Showcase your team with colorful, editable flip cards.

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Transparent navbar

Easy-to-add, responsive navbar for any (or every) page on your site.

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SoundCloud embed

Easily add a playable soundcloud song wherever you want.

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Mosaic cards

Text and images laid out in a simple mosaic pattern.

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Hover caption image

Add & edit your own image and caption, visible on hover.

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Module Monday #12

Horizontal timeline

Create an interactive timeline of events.

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Bulletin board

Add & edit notes to this customizable bulletin board.

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Quotation B

Stylish quotation block with editable quote and author.

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Image overlay card

A simple card with custom image, text, and links.

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Embedded tweet

Easily embed a tweet anywhere on your site.

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Module Monday #11

Scroll Magic A

Colorful content panes that appear as you scroll.

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Multi-image upload

Easy image uploads that work with Cloudinary.

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Subscribe section (MailChimp)

Allow visitors to subscribe to your MailChimp list.

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Dismissible alert

Editable alert section to inform users wherever you want.

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Facebook like button

The classic like button, with no hassles.

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If you want to contribute mods or ideas so that other developers can benefit, you can request mods or submit a mod.

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